How to Make Your Family Agree For Love Marriage?

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How to Make Your Family Agree For Love Marriage?

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There is no dearth of such families even today where they themselves take the decisions of marriage of children and during that time they do not even consider it necessary to know their likes and dislikes. Even if the child decides to do love marriage, then it seems impossible to get sports from home.

The task of telling the marriage of the boy or girl of their choice at home is also like a mission for them. With whom they want to marry, if they belong to the same caste and religion, then still courage can be gathered, but if they belong to other religion and caste then the matter becomes more serious. There is no such surefire way yet by which you can persuade your parents for your love marriage, but there are some tips that can definitely help you in persuading them by adopting them.

How to Tell Parents

  1. With the arrival of relationships for you in the house, it becomes clear that your marriage is now becoming the priority of the people and you are in the eyes of the people. If you leave your shyness and go to your elders to talk about your marriage, then there can be a mess. In such a situation, take the help of your siblings. Make them your messenger and send them to the parents and let them keep the proposal to eliminate the risk of love problem.
  2. After this step, you also have to be ready to face the anger of your elders. You don’t panic. Wait for their anger to subside and then write a letter and put it under their pillow. In this letter, write down all the qualities of the person you want to marry. You mention the happiness of yourself and your family in this. If anyone in the neighborhood and acquaintances has done love marriage and it has been successful, then do not forget to mention it.
  3. You should prepare people for support in advance, talking about love marriage at home is like blowing the trumpet of war and for this you also need to prepare your team. Your friends and siblings can help you with this task. During this also keep in mind that you should keep such relatives away from this matter who are opposed to love marriage.
  4. Before forming an opinion, get the parents and partner to meet, if even after talking, your parents are not agreeing to love marriage, then you must persuade them to meet your partner once and if you are not getting the solution then consult love marriage specialist. Tell your parents that there is nothing wrong with meeting the person you love at least once. On the other hand, you should also prepare your partner for this meeting. Tell them about your parents. Also, alert him that this is like a last chance for him. You should keep in mind that while celebrating your parents, do not emotionally torture them because it can also backfire on you. Keeping these things in mind, do your planning and make a team and get involved in this work.

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